Robert Grunenberg
Brandon Lipchik
in cooperation with Miettinen Collection | Salon Dahlmann
13 September–20 October 2019

Windows into Exile, a solo painting exhibition by Brandon Lipchik stirs conversation with the text of Roger Peyrefitte’s “The Exile of Capri”. Peyrefitte narrates the story of forbidden lovers Jacques Fersen and Nino Cesarini as we could say exiled to Capri by choice to live out a most eccentric private life, in disagreement with Italian high society of the 1900’s. The island of Capri existed for these lovers as a haven to live out their life in the gardens of their beloved Villa Lysis, to which many slandered them for such “perversions”.


Windows into Exile imagines such lovers in paradise, highlighting themes of voyeurism, public vs. private, eroticism, the domestic, sexual identity, utopia, and humor to narrate pictures largely inspired by the setting of the contemporary Caprisian Landscape. Lipchik playfully creates various compositions thought of as windows looking into the intimate spaces between lovers.


Compositions are thought as viewfinders created using various figurative croppings, which place the passive viewer into the close proximity of an active voyeur. Through these windows we also confront a medley of Caprisian artifacts mixed in with antiquities of Roman art inclusive of artifacts of leisure, tourism, Americana, foliage, and furnitures. Working with a catalogue of Lipchik’s digital archive, he creates a construct of figuration and natura morta. Lipchik’s practice largely originates within digital drawing practices creating compositions, which are later realized into a physical and tactile painting surface. These digital artifacts take on an unbalancing of space like actors on stage that float in the flatness of digital materiality yet realized into paint.


Brandon Lipchik (*1993) is an American painter born in Erie, Pennsylvania living and working in Brooklyn, NY. He studied at the Rhode Island School of Design.