Robert Grunenberg
Losing My Virginity
13 July – 7 September 2018

Losing My Virginity, a group show featuring artists Stefan Knauf, Paul Levack, Jan Zöller and Die Römischen Votzen: Giulietta Ockenfuß and Sonja Yakovleva
Losing My Virginity features five distinct positions by artists transforming into their latest iteration. Graduating, among other things, means growing from the position of a disciple into a teacher of one’s own practice. The fluidity that results from the new-found freedoms of total self-determination and actualization foregrounds radical modes of self-expression. This immediacy of expression is often unmatched later on in the artist’s oeuvre, also due to a constant refinement of artistic practice.
Thus, the end of art school also marks the beginning of a transformation: This potent moment – when artists apply their learned knowledge and skills to the open field, or toss it aside in favor of a gut feeling – is the focus of Losing My Virginity, Robert Grunenberg’s sophomore exhibition at his eponymous gallery space.