Robert Grunenberg

Moonbeams of Allegory

Nocturnal forest scenes and fantastic narratives, illuminated through spotlights that allude to Berlin’s neon-lit nightlife—the latest paintings, VR installations and poems by American artist Brandon Lipchik offer glimpses into his very own surreal dreamscape. Like a director in a theater, he stages his digitally composed mythical and uncanny scenes full of erotic allusions, transforming them into a collage-like physcial presence on canvas.
Between dense foliage reminiscent of Henri Rousseau and the computer game aesthetic of the 1990s, Lipchik creates a unique visual language. This richly illustrated publication is both: an exhibition catalog and a survey of the artist’s oeuvre to date. A separately designed section presents Lipchick’s VR works and provides insights into the postdigital practice of the emerging artist.
BRANDON LIPCHIK (*1993 in Erie, Pennsylvania) studied painting at the Rhode Island School of Design and at Brown University. First solo exhibitions were held in New York, Berlin, Santa Monica, Amsterdam and Paris; this is his first institutional solo show. He lives in New York and Berlin.
Kunstpalais Erlangen
July 30, 2022—October 23, 2022
Editors Amely Deiss, Tamara Reitz
Authors Amely Deiss, Tamara Reitz, Brandon Lipchik, Oliver Koerner von Gustorf, Kristian Vistrup Madsen
Graphic design by Thomas Pruss, SOFAROBOTNIK
English, German
2022. 160 pp., 80 ills.
Hardcover 20.50 x 27.00 cm
ISBN 978-3-7757-5346-3
45,00 €
VAT included. plus shipping