Robert Grunenberg
In a Young World of Resplendent Glitter
By Simon Speiser


“In a Young World of Resplendent Glitter“ is a virtual reality narration that embodies a desire for origin in a world that keeps alienating us from nature as the primal place of spiritual balance. It is not meant as a critique of modern life but rather it is a fictional approach to the contemporary state of mind. The concept of wildlife, rainforests, palm trees, and lonesome beaches all trigger an association to inner peace and relaxation: a place to recover from hectic modern lifestyles. These conceptions are not really applicable and rather work as a mental experiment, which is where I see the new abode for wild nature. A virtual place hovering next to our modern lives.
This virtual reality piece extends from the 5th chapter of an on-going story which I started in 2013 with “Falling for the Matuhi“. In this story an artificial bird species with telepathic capabilities gets exploited by mankind as a communication device akin to the Internet. The birds are born into a world dominated by technology and have never experienced life in the wild. In search of refuge, the Matuhi create an imaginary forest based on information it gathers about the natural habitats of birds. The Matuhi, as pure children of technology, start to fantasize about a hypothetical paradise situated in the past which leads them to create a new version of nature as a parallel dimension.
12min, virtual reality, 2018
Director: Simon Speiser
Music: Negroma and Mobilegirl
Voices: Billy Bultheel, Lyra Pramuk, Luzie Meyer Editor: Clare Molloy
Software architect: Marcel Karnapke