ROBERT GRUNENBERG MARBURGER STR. 3 10789 BERLIN OPENING HOURS Wednesday to Saturday 12 – 6 PM mail@robertgrunenberg.com +49 (0) 30 86339514

Robert Grunenberg is an emerging contemporary art gallery, founded in April 2018 in Berlin-Charlottenburg. The rooster of the gallery consists mainly of younger artists, born between 1984 and the early 1990s, who have grown up with digital media, the internet in a globalized world: Filip Henin, Stefan Knauf, Brandon Lipchik, Sonja Yakovleva, Anna Virnich, and Jan Zöller.  Since 2022 Robert Grunenberg is also representing Rainer Fetting, an established German painter who was born in 1949. 

Although the artistic strategies may seem quite different, there are fundamental links. The artists all work predominantly figuratively or figural, with ‘classical’ materials and media (painting, drawing, papercutting, sculpture), which they radically expand in terms of content and form. Many positions in the gallery are influenced by queer, feminist discourses or the search for new forms of community and a more complex relationship between civilization and nature. What they have in common is that they draw from the overload of digital image culture, appropriation, memes and media theory but also allow for expressive gestures, painterly affects, physicality, sensuality, an artistic handwriting, which they reflect critically and dialectically at the same time. 

In very different ways, the artists address the current global political, economic and ecological crises and the disintegration of a white, patriarchal, anthropocentric system that has led to global inequality and the exploitation of natural resources. In doing so, they develop multi-perspectival visual approaches that equally oppose heteronormative or colonialist power relations, or call for a more complex view of the relationship between civilization and nature, combining the organic and the technological, fact and speculation into new narratives.