Galerie Robert Grunenberg Kunstmesse ART DÜSSELDORF am 29.03.2023 auf dem Areal Böhler.

Art Düsseldorf 2023 31.03 – 02.04.2023 Düsseldorf (DE)

Robert Grunenberg
Art Düsseldorf, Booth D10
31.03.2023 — 02.04.2023

We are delighted to announce our participation at Art Brussels, featuring Night Cactus, an installation by Stefan Knauf.

For our booth, Knauf has developed a scenery of a nocturnal landscape based on a field of lava rocks. It shows inflated steel sculptures of the succulent Optunia, an iconic plant of desert environments. The sculptures are coated with industrial black enamel, sprinkled with white dots. This industrial coating metaphorically reflects the starry sky. The installation reveals the night, with its elements reflecting the infinity of the universe. The wall works from the series of night mirrors show the same surface, leading to the impression that each wall work seems to show a specific section of the starry sky.