Maxim Gunga Sauna, 2024 oil on canvas 280 x 280 cm


Robert Grunenberg is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of the Berlin painter Maxim Gunga (born 1994). In his luminous, large-format oil paintings, he creates a visionary and at the same time mundane cosmos in which everything is imbued with the same universal life energy. Everything longs for communion, intimacy, ecstasy. The colours have an elementary, symbolic character. They express existential states, fusing urban life with myth, painting and natural history.

Gunga transforms a tram into a paradisiacal place of tranquillity. He shows a mixed sauna as a healing community, alluding to the heightened, distorted perspective of Van Gogh’s Night Café (1888). Clubs, parks, trams, darkrooms become spiritual, sexual, ecological biotopes, utopian fields of experimentation – just like Gunga’s painting, which develops a multi-perspective, fluid form of gestural expression for the 21st century.