Robert Grunenberg
Jan Zöller

We believe in universal and unconditional love. In love for humanity. Love is nothing else than respect. Respect to the people you meet, see and talk to everyday, understanding and acceptance, caring for your environment out of free will, and not out of a sense of duty or social obligation. Love is a force combining and connecting people, sometimes even for their whole lifetime. It is creating happiness, and communities. This is one of the beautiful reasons why the desire for Love is inherent to humans. It is one of the most natural feelings we have, and one of the most striking ones. But loving can and should go further than direct contact to whom, or what we love. Loving the earth, nature, but also other cultures, music, art, movies and food, cities and people are only a fragment of possibilities in which Love can manifest itself. Loving manifests itself by showing dignity, respect, understanding and trust towards each other in our communities, but also to other people outside of our perceived communities. Love has the power to unite us and to create positive change.